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Programming Support for MS Access and SQL Server Databases

This website is an introduction to my business. It includes resume information, tools & interesting cases. The work that I do is engineer n-tier applications in the following basic configuration.

Basic nTier Diagram
For various application configuration, click on Configurations.

The resume items are: (if you have java script disabled, use this link to view my resume.)

The tools I describe are not for the technically faint hearted. A developer is as good as the tools used. I have made plenty of tools based on my experience with Microsoft & other products. Where ever I find a weakness or need in the products I use, I build a tool. I have affiliations with many developers & I listen to their needs. This builds strong communities.

Interesting cases are included to document oddities I discover during the course of my adventures. Working on very difficult technical tasks reveals even more complex technical difficulties along the way. Products just don't perform as expected or they simply break in odd ways -- yes indeed, developers encounter the same situations that the less technical user encounters, just far more technical & complex. Interesting cases will document the trail of bizarre situations I encounter. The cases are also not for the technically faint hearted.

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