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Glassbox Viewer : Multi-tiered application make conceptualization difficult. Complexity escalates quickly making simple questions like where-used a multi-task operation requiring searches on each tier for objects used. 

Access GBV : Assembles relationships between all objects (tables, queries, forms, reports & modules/methods) for various treeview displays including: what is used in a cascade (both end-use down & tables up to forms & reports) & where-used (tables, queries, forms, reports  & VBA procedures [most notably procedures used in any Access objects]).

Website GBV: Both ASP Classic with VB6 COM layer to SQL Sever 2000 AND ASP.Net to SQL Server 2000 or 2005. Assembles relationships between all objects (tables, views, sp's, VB6 COM procedures, ASP Classic pages) for various treeview displays including: what is used in a cascade & where-used (most notably, can display in treeviews SQL Server objects used anywhere in any layer or VB6 COM procedures used in any layer). For ASP.Net, assembles cascades & where-used for all objects: tables, views, sp's, VB.Net class modules & ASP.Net.

UltraEdit Structured SQL Views: Using UltraEditTM, SQL from either SQL Server or Access is structured like code in an IDE with indentation & color-coded highlighting. Formatted SQL can also be wrapped in quotes for easily read inserts into VB code as needed. See Details >>

VSS Utilities: Pushes all SQL Server 2000 objects into Visual Source Safe.

ADO Parm Builder: Builds various scripts from query & SP parameters for insert into VB6 or VB.Net.

MS Access Only

Access Procedure DDL: The native DDL's in the VBA IDE are awkward. The AccessProc DDL lists only the actual procedures in a module. When a procedure is selected from the list, the target 1st line is highlighted for easy identification.

Back-End Checker: Assembles a baseline of tables, fields, relationships & indexes for comparison after a development phase for a list of objects changed. The changes are automatically applied to production BE MDB's.

Type Lib Viewer: The Access type Lib viewer is truncated so that not all of the important data is visible. My Type Lib Viewer allows for full viewing plus additional details.

Form & Report Utilities: Allows timing tests for queries, forms & reports. Also allows export of forms & reports as text files.

Tables Iteration: List row counts for all tables in a database. Useful for determining what is affected when an external application operates on an MDB.

Macro Utility: Lists in a form all the actions performed by a macro.

Switchboard Utility: Builds tree views of all switchboard buttons.

SWE Journal: Internal journal for an Access MDB that provides a convenient UIF for recording changes to an MDB.