Web GBVs: Introduction

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Web database applications typically have multiple tiers. Usually a user interface, a data handling & a database tier. Each of the basic tiers can have multiple tiers. Tracing an object in the database tier to where it is actually used can be relatively complex. Web Glassbox Views (GBV's) is a tool for examining relationships between tier objects as if viewing the entire application as transparent model.

Why use such a tool? When an object is changed at the database layer, what impact will the changes make on other tiers. Where-used treeviews can help assess impact, direct regression testing & assist in the estimated costs of a proposed change. Is a particular object actually used? If an object has the same name, are all the objects the same as in copy-paste inheritance?

Often it is useful to have a "map" that illustrates important features along a route to a new version of a software product. Such maps are useful in design documentation & for delineating starting points with phases of development. Managers can use such maps to track progress toward objectives and to illustrate plans & progress to clients. 

I have designed & implemented classic ASP & ASP.Net websites. The Web Glassbox Viewer was designed & implemented for use with both types of website

Website Glassbox Views