Case Studies

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Access: Contained within MS Access is a complete multi-tiered database tool set. In brief, MS Access is rigorous & complex, with many caveats. In the past 10+ years, I have a long list of "interesting cases." I will start documenting them here.

ODBC: Recently I started using ODBC to connect to SQL Server. This technology is compelling because a mature Access developer can use a SQL Server backend with minimal "translation." I will document gotcha's here.

Peachtree: Since the beginning of my business, I have used Multiware tools to access Peachtree data. Both PawCom & the Peachtree Toolkit products allow users to push & pull Peachtree data. As a legacy application, Peachtree is replete with strange & unexpected reactions. I will document observations here.

BarCoding: Many of the small bar code printers require raw EPL commands being sent to the printer. Here are some of the caveats I encountered.

SQL Server: As an Access developer, initially I avoided SQL Server. Most small companies can't afford it. As intermediate sized companies began to approach me for assistance in 2000, I bit the bullet. Read Vieira's Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming cover to cover. Now SQL Server is my preferred backend. Caveats will be documented here.

ASP.Net: .Net is a powerful new software engineering platform. Seems like I just get used to a version & a new one comes out. I will document .Net caveats here.

Java Script: Web pages act as the user interface for web sites. In order to enhance user experience on a web page dynamic HTML & java script allow for browser interactivity & agile response. ASP requires a round trip to the web server. Java script allows for browser level interactivity. I include samples to demonstrate versatility.

Case Studies