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One of the weakest parts of communication between client & engineer is documenting requirements. Quite often the lead contact has very little technical experience having only experienced a problem that they want to automate in some fashion. Or the boss simply delegates the task of finding a solution provider with the expectation that the assignee will materialize requirements because they are at best the principal user in need of the automated solution.


The solution provided can be no better than the clarity of the requirements. Indeed programmers do their best to interpret & extrapolate the words used to describe the automated solution requirements. It is best to have the solution requirements carefully documented. It is not unusual for a client to spend a 1/2 hour on the phone describing what they want with the immediate expectation that an accurate, fix-quote estimate will follow. Weaker requirements documentation translates to poorer estimation & weaker pre & post delivery testing/evaluation.


We can help document your requirements. We can help fill in the technical details that will assist in the initial contact with potential solution providers, facilitate better estimation, improve pre & post delivery testability/evaluation. By carefully exploring your solution needs we can help you formulate a linear instruction set for potential solution providers. The beauty of a well formulated set of requirements is fourfold:

Often the benefits of a good requirements specification are overlooked. The client simply starts using the solution without systematic evaluation. Don't underestimate the value of a good requirements specification. We will help by exploring your needs from the perspective of 40+ years of software engineering including full spectrum quality assurance.

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