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Web sites used to be constructed with VB 6.0 & ASP Classic. While considered legacy at this time, many sites were assembled using this technology. I have considerable experience & skill with both VB 6.0 & ASP Classic.

ASP.Net & VB.Net are in vogue for web site construction. While these are a very powerful platform, .Net is relatively new. It's newness is reflected in the (1) help files (how difficult is can be to find what you are looking for) & (2) how easily one can find oneself painted into a corner. Case in point, I built controls on the fly from a table that the administrator could edit. This was done with a custom user control. When I tried to use the data inserted by a user into the on-the-fly control assembly, I could find no instructions/examples of how to do it. I had to figured it out on my own. I had to sort out the post back by inspecting the client-side assembly.

To see my tool for dealing with & displaying the complexity of n-tier ASP Classic & ASP.Net projects see ASP Project Glassbox Viewer.
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