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No Customer Details: A client upgraded Peachtree from 2006 Manufacturing to 2010 Quantum. In order for invoices to import w/o warnings, credit limits must be turned off. The warning is benign but returns the "incorrectly processed" flag from Peachtree to the Multiware Toolkit. To prevent that happening, turn off credit limits in Peachtree and handle credit in the application generating the invoice, in this case Repete Feed Mix Software. All of this was tested & worked for Peachtree 2006 Manufacturing.

The Multiware Toolkit allows for updating credit limits for all customers in batch which was the most efficient way to do it. All customer data is extracted in an xml file then posted back to Peachtree with the changes. After the 2010 Quantum upgrade, suddenly the bill to last name of the customer contact was causing the credit limit clear operation to fail. To make matters worse, the Bellweather sample provided by Peachtree worked fine, allowed credit limits to update w/o problem.

To isolate the problem customer records, I switched from batch to iterating & processing single customer updates. The problem customers were basically blank records w/ a customer ID only. I trapped blank customer records, issued a warning to the client desktop, then skipped the record. Subsequently the client was responsible for filling in the customer details or deleting the customer record. In most cases the empty customer record was part of an aborted new customer order.

Why 2006 Manufacturing handles empty customer records gracefully & 2010 Quantum does not is a mystery. It is also unknown how many similar problems lie hidden in 2010 Quantum. Or in fact where the problem originates since the jump from 2006 to 2010 involves 4 annual upgrades.