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MS Access: User Level Permissions

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Client had implemented a very elaborate user level permissions scheme -- several groups as well as several users. However, the permissions were only set in the front end MDB.

I built a module to capture all the permission settings using DAO (ADO DDL I never got to work properly). Then I applied all the permissions to the back end MDB tables -- also using DAO.

Re-linking the back end tables was done in code. However none of the permissions were inherited from the back end settings. Having read Garry Robinson's Microsoft Access Database Protection & Security carefully, I expected inherited permissions.

Turns out that permissions must be set on the links in the front end MDB. I considered this awkward for the client (setting permissions in both the front end links & the back end tables). So I used my permissions capture module to refresh a permission table in the back end, linked to that table in the front end, then allowed administrators to copy the back end permission settings to the links in the front end.

Code provided in screenshot for study only, hence no copy/paste.